"Everything you see here is yours"

British Born fashion talent Maria Malik had started as the age of 19. Her influences initially came from her clients, their needs and demands, of how they felt in a garment; their comfort, individuality and how each person had a vision of different looks that adapted to their own lifestyle.

Coming across designers such as Roberto Cavalli, Balmain and Giorgio Armani, Rehmali feels her influences and designs come from such characters within the fashion world, giving her a starting direction. Rehmali has been able to create and design pieces that have great confidence in, no matter what age or background, her pieces can adapt to any lifestyle.

Rehmali's advantage to travel, culture has a great inspiration within her designs. Colour, scenery, climate and social status have been a benefit to her collections and have assisted in developing, learning about world fashion.

Rehmali's designs are very elegant and construct powerful statements which can be adopted by a diverse audience.


"Creating my own unique signature pieces I endeavourer to produce garments that grasp the concept of the design fitting flawlessly onto a body."

Rehmali women

Rehmali women is a powerful, strong minded woman who knows what she wants and goes for it! She is a very diverse and unique individual who stands out from the crowd-and always looks fabulous!